Jaigaon to Thimphu

Jaigaon to Thimphu Travel Option: Distance, Taxi Fare, Bus Details & more! 

Jaigaon to Thimphu is the route that every road trip lover should try. Jaigaon is the ultimate destination for one of the most amazing road trip journeys. As you may already know that Jaigaon, India is represented as the gateway for business and tourism between the “Land of Happiness” Bhutan and incredible India. As thousands of tourists annually visit Bhutan, this border landmark is important to the people of both countries. Thimphu on the other hand the capital of Bhutan is an enchanting destination that tourists love to visit. From scenic landscapes to heritages, Thimphu offers a unique approach to modernity and culture blending together. The route connecting these two places offers excellent biodiversity, trails, and adventurous roads. Jaigaon to Thimphu is the most popular road trip that every tourist traveling to Bhutan hops on. As a renowned travel agency in Jaigaon, Raghav Travel provides smooth and unbothered Bhutan road trips from Jaigaon to Thimphu. In this blog, we will learn about the complete guide on how to travel from Jaigaon to Thimphu. 

You can travel from Jaigaon to Thimphu in various ways. From private cabs to buses you can have a diverse choice of transportation which you can choose according to your choice. Raghav Travel offers various Jaigaon to Thimphu travel options that ease up every tourist road trip hassle. 

Jaigaon to Thimphu Distance:-

From Jaigaon to Thimphu you cannot travel by private taxi or public transport. You need to hire a vehicle and start your journey via Phuentsholing. The average distance of the road between Jaigaon and Thimphu is 167.3 km which takes about 4 hours 50 mins to 5 and half hours and per mile based it is about 104.6 miles. The best Jaigaon to Thimphu road trip options with Raghav Travels include:-

  1. Renting a private cab: You can rent a private cab for transportation with Raghav Travels. We offer a well-maintained fleet of vehicles which are reliable and offer you absolute comfort throughout the journey.
  2. Renting a tour vehicle: You can rent a private vehicle for an overall tour of Bhutan and by renting a vehicle with Raghav Travels you get the freedom of traveling at your own pace and time. With car rental, you can have the most amazing experiences 
  3. Taking a public cab: As there is no direct connection from Jaigaon to Thimphu, you cannot find a public transport vehicle.
  4. Taking a bus: As there is no direct connection from Jaigaon to Thimphu you cannot travel from a Bus. Due to Bhutan sharing an international border it is very important to have permits and documentation for traveling before heading out to Bhutan

There are various Jaigaon to Thimphu travel options like traveling by train and by air. Due to Bhutan being an international landmark, you cannot enter without proper authorization and permits.

Jaigaon to Thimphu by Taxi:-

As you already know, you cannot travel from Jaigaon to Thimphu by taxi. But you can hire a vehicle from Raghav Travel which can assure you a road trip from Jaigaon to Thimphu. Taxis from India are not allowed to cross borders without proper permission and permit. If you are planning to travel to Bhutan by train also then it is not possible as the two countries share restricted international borders. Although you can travel by train from the nearest railway station from Jaigaon, which is Hasimara railway station to NJP railway station, and then catch a flight from Bagdogra or hire a car from a tour operator for the overall tour. Travelers who are planning to travel by bus also have to take a bus from Jaigaon to Siliguri and then do the same thing. 

Jaigaon to Thimphu Taxi Fare:-

As you already know that you cannot take a taxi from Jaigaon to Thimphu directly by road. So hiring a car from a renowned tour agency is like. Jaigaon to Thimphu taxi fare can be pretty expensive and can bring a lot of hassle. As you have to make documents and permits for entering Bhutan. Raghav Travels assures you an overall tour of Bhutan in comfort and luxury with their car rental services in Jaigaon. Travel smoothly and reach your destination without hassle with Raghav Travels car rental services.

Jaigaon to Thimphu by Train, Flight and Bus:-

Jaigaon to Thimphu by train, flight, or bus is very popular among people who want to visit Bhutan for urgent business or errands. You can take a bus from Jaigaon which departs early in the morning at 7.30. Or you can travel to the nearest railway station (Hasimara) and then take a flight to Paro from Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri. The average distance from Jaigaon to Siliguri is 155 km which takes about 4 hours and 126 km which takes about an hour to reach.

Jaigaon to Thimphu is best enjoyed by a proper road trip. Rolling along the mountain roads to cruising along the valleys, the entire route offers fascinating panoramic scenes for travelers. So if you are also planning to travel from Jaigaon to Thimphu then hiring a car from our rental services is the best choice for you.


1. Which railway station is near to Thimphu?

ANS:- Bhutan does not have railway facilities no the nearest railways station would be Hasimara (14 kms from Jaigaon).

2. Which is the nearest airport to Thimphu Bhutan?

ANS:- The Paro Airport is the nearest airport for Thimphu Bhutan. (47 kms from Thimphu)

3. How to enter Bhutan from Hasimara?

ANS:-  You cannot directly enter Bhutan from Hasimara. You have to take a flight or a private vehicle.

4. How far is it from Jaigaon to Thimphu?

ANS:-  Jaigaon is about 167.3 km away from Thimphu via Phuentsholing.

5. How long does it take to get from Jaigaon to Thimphu?

ANS:-  It takes about 4 hr 51 min to get to Jaigaon from Thimphu.

6. Which city of India is near to Bhutan?

ANS:-  Siliguri is the nearest Indian city to Bhutan.

7. How can I go to Bhutan by train?

ANS:-  You cannot travel to Bhutan by train.

8. Can I travel Bhutan by bus?

ANS:-  No you cannot travel to Bhutan by bus.

9. What is the distance from Jaigaon to Bhutan border ?

ANS:- The border distance from Jaigaon to Bhutan is 14 kms.

10. What is the distance from Jaigaon to Phuentsholing ?

ANS:-Jaigaon to Phuentsholing is just 4.4 kms.

11. What is the fastest way to get from Jaigaon to Thimphu?

ANS:-  The fastest way to travel from Jaigaon to Thimphu is by hiring a car rental service from a tour agency.